Mission and Vision Statement

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Bakeout TV and its weekly production of “The Bakeout” is to provide medicinal cannabis educational television of high technical quality. Our programming will uplift, unite, educate, challenge, and encourage viewers in a manner consistent with the teachings of the healing powers of cannabis.

Our Vision Statement

Building on the foundation of the Mission Statement, Bakeout TV strives to:

  • Communicate the medicinal therapeutic value of cannabis as an all-natural organic product.
  • Strengthen the facts and values of its medicinal strengths and debunk the myths and misconceptions.
  • Edify and educate all viewers to solidify their acceptance in cannabis and expand their knowledge of its healing powers.
  • Encourage the community, politicians and public figures of its benefits.
  • Inform and educate viewers about guest’s experiences with cannabis, and outreach efforts on acceptance and misclassifications of its use.
  • Produce local general-interest, public-service and public-affairs programming.
  • Offer brand placement, sponsorships, and commercial opportunities for businesses that have the core believes as Bakeout TV.