The BakeOut Show: Episode 1

Every week Frank Shamrock and Robert Ferguson tackle cannabis, in an honest and objective way. The BakeOut’s aim is to dispel myths, confront realities, and above all, serve as a platform for real people to tell their stories.

Our premier episode tackles the very core of cannabis—its uses and how it heals. Join Tahnee Shah, a stage-4 cancer survivor, as she shares her story. By all accounts, she shouldn’t be here. Her cancer is aggressive, and rare. The treatments her doctor prescribed her left her weak and unable to eat. It wasn’t until a family friend introduced cannabis to Tahnee, did her story take a turn.

Our hosts Frank and Robert conduct a thoughtful, emotional interview with Tahnee, and find out why she credits cannabis for saving her.

In addition to Tahnee, famed cannabis culinary superstar Jeff “The 420 Chef” is in studio to demonstrate how to make a delicious, healthy, cannabis-infused salad.

We also take on current events surrounding cannabis, and finally we have our cannabis attorney Cristian Arrieta on to discuss the legalities around personal cannabis use.

This is just the first episode of many, tune in, subscribe, and show your support by tweeting #BakeOutShow in honor of our first episode.

Welcome and enjoy!

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