Frank Shamrock Weightlifting Like an Animal on Receptra

The Bakeout Show – Episode 1 “Frank Shamrock Weightlifting Like an Animal on Receptra”

Watch MMA World Champion Frank Shamrock take some Receptra and go nuts in the gym. Receptra is the #1 Choice of CBD hemp extracts and topicals for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts. The exclusive CBD hemp product used by UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten. Bas uses Receptra Elite, which has added turmeric and MCT oil, to stay fit and focused during and after training. After taking Receptra for the first time, Bas said,” I can train really hard when using Receptra Elite. I push myself harder and I look better now, than when I was fighting. It’s crazy!” Also part of the daily health routine for many professional athletes, including former NHL players Riley Cote and Kevin McClelland and former Denver Broncos Demetrin Veal and Charlie Adams. Receptra Naturals creates Whole Plant, medical grade CBD hemp extracts and topicals. Available in ALL 50 States. Order now at

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