I’ve known Frank Shamrock for years, and when he asked me to go into business with him and then of all things in the Cannabis space. I was hesitant cause I knew nothing of the space, but I was drawn to it – I don’t know why. Maybe because where we live in California, Prop 64, which would make the recreation use of cannabis legal, was just getting off the ground; but I was interested. He had told me how he had taken this year long journey of the space and what this plant really was. I explained to Frank I really know nothing about cannabis, I know marijuana and I know I smoked it in high school and college and that is all I knew. He said let’s make a trip to Colorado there are some people I want you to meet.

cannabis in colorado

Some of the cannabis we experienced in Colorado

Frank and I jumped on a plane and we were off to Denver Colorado, which had legalized recreation use, and I was excited because I’ve never been to Denver only to Aspen to ski. I was looking forward to seeing what it would be like to experience a state that had legalized medicinal and recreation cannabis use. Not knowing what to expect, I anticipated smelling of marijuana the moment I got out of the plane. I anticipated a ton of stoners sitting in cluster on the side of the street smoking out of their pipes and bongs; to my surprise when I exited the airport I saw none of that. I saw a city that was striving with Business, the people were friendly, there was no smell or odor of marijuana in the air.

Frank immediately got us into a rent a car and we were off to meet Frank’s buddy Jason Cranford. During the drive, Frank let me know that Jason was one of the most respected botanist and growers in Colorado if not nationwide. When I first met Jason, he was receiving a donation check to his nonprofit The Flowering Hope Foundation. Jason began telling me his past about being raised as a farmer and how plants and harvesting was in his blood. When he spoke of cannabis his eyes lit up with passion towards this plant. He educated me on the medicinal value of cannabis, and told me about the families he helps. He explained to me the difference between THC and CBD, and he and also told me the different portions of the plants of what they produce, and the value of each.

Growing Facility in Colorado for Cannabis

Growing Facility in Colorado for Cannabis

He then took us to one of his grow houses and I was speechless at the size and effort that was applied towards these plants. It was true artwork, the way he harvested them from the lighting, to the temperature of the air, to the watering cycle, to the strand to the harvest; everything was a science. It was so impressive.

He then introduced us to some of his workers, and to my surprise they were not pot heads or dead beats as I had envisioned they were these sweet mothers of children that were seeking medicinal cannabis treatment that they could not get from where they used to live. Jason had employed them, and was providing treatment to their children. They referred to themselves as “medical refugees” and explained to me that their state will not allow them to get access to this plant that could potentially help save the lives of their children.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of these children and I watched firsthand a product called Cannatol that Jason is manufacturing be administered to this child. To my absolute shock this nine-year-old child had an epileptic seizure and when administered Cannatol via a nasal spray the child stop seizing within 15 seconds of application. This became the turning point for me. At that moment I not only became a believer of this amazing plant and what it offers in the healing powers, but I also found myself extremely angry and upset that not everyone could have this knowledge and access to this help.

Frank Shamrock and Friends

Frank Shamrock and Friends

That was the day that I realized that I needed to stand strong next to Frank help push this message. That we need to educate, inform, and let the people know that this plant belongs in every home, if needed. I realized what Frank was saying all along it was not about creating a business it was creating a movement with him. This is a message that needs reach to the masses.

I plan to do whatever it takes to do just that. That is why the BakeOut is here. I’m going to fight like hell every week to get this message to as many people as possible and I ask you the viewers to do the same.

Why I’m on the BakeOut Movement


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