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Welcome. Where to begin? My name is Alyssa Stark, and unlike the other guys at the BakeOut, I’m not really a cannabis user. I’ve always been high-strung, quick on the go, and up until I was invited to join the BakeOut crew never gave much thought to cannabis, because I haven’t really had to. I’ve never needed it.

I’ve tried it recreationally a few times, but it was always towards the end of a heavy night of drinking, and I attributed my 24+ hour hangovers to the combo of weed and alcohol, and swore it off. Plus, if I’m being honest, I love me some wine something fierce, so it’s always my go to—and due to the hangovers, I refuse to mix.

I never really thought about cannabis, because I never had to. I never thought that it was a medicine for millions of people, and I never thought that it could be used for anything than to get you high, or stoned. Hell, I didn’t even know the difference between high or stoned before I started here—now I do.

I’m writing this because I don’t think it’s fair to not tell you something about myself, if I’m going to represent and write about this movement…and I do want to represent this movement. I want to write about it, because in the short time I’ve been with the BakeOut, I’ve been privileged to hear real people’s stories about cannabis, and how it’s helped them. I’ve been lucky enough to try cannabis cream that has instantly taken the sore ache out of my muscles after a hard work out at the gym. Or see videos of children having epileptic seizures, and having them stop after getting a dose of CBD. I’m even inching towards giving up my sleeping pills, and trying cannabis to treat the practically life long sleep problems I’ve had. I’m writing this, because when I spoke to my DR about the benefits of cannabis over Xanax to treat insomnia , one of the most addictive and top-selling/prescribed medications in America—he didn’t have any advice to give me.

It is my promise to share the stories of the BakeOut crew as we commence our mission to tell the world about cannabis; as well as the stories I’m lucky to hear about from our viewers and their family, on this blog.

Please join us on this mission, and share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings on here, and on our social media account. We’re listening, and we want to hear from you.

The movement is here. Join us.

Introducing The BakeOut Blog

1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Rellis Smith

    Believe me, I have been smoking Maryjane for over 40 years, I’m 78 now and still smoke a joint every night. Now as far as your contention that using Marijuana and drinking cause sever hangovers I am here to tell you, you have that exactly backwards. I have spent nights when I was out of pot and only had my booze and wine to keep me company, the hangover the next day are what you would expect, dry mouth, headache, bones aching, and fuzzy thinking. When I do drink and smoke pot together the next day if I do have a hangover at all it is very mild and last only a hour or so. Anyway I am living proof that consuming Marijuana does not cause any health problems at all and does help alleviate any pain a person may have from other causes.

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