There was a lot of discussion who to feature on our first episode. We’ve heard so many amazing stories from our friends, family, celebrities, athletes, musicians—everyone has been so supportive.

But one story stood out from the rest. Through a mutual friend, we were introduced to an amazing young woman, Tahnee Shah.

Tahnee sharing her story

Three years ago, Tahnee was in her last semester at college in New York. She had never had any health problems, lead an active life, and didn’t think much of it when she developed a stomachache that wouldn’t go away. College can be stressful.

Only the stomachache didn’t go away. It got worse, and worse, until Tahnee finally couldn’t take it anymore and went to the er. That’s when she found out she had an ultra rare form of liver cancer, fibrolamellar, and it was stage four. She spent the next month fighting the cancer with aggressive chemical treatments, which left her weak and ill.

She returned to California, her home state, to be with her family, recuperate, and continue the fight. Nothing really helped the nausea and pain she felt, until a family friend introduced her to cannabis wax. The first time she tried it, she felt immediate relief. Since then, it’s been a part of her daily treatment plan.

Frank Shamrock and Thanee Shah

Within 60 days, the tumors had shrunk. It was unheard of by her doctors, and had not been documented before; but then again, cannabis is not part of the regular treatment plan for patients with this form of cancer.

Now, three years later, Tahnee is here to tell you her story, her fight, and her belief in cannabis as a medical miracle.

Tune in January 25th at 7pm Pacific on to hear more, and join the movement.

Sneak Peak BakeOut Episode 1


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