I think the one question I hear more and more lately is what do you tell your kids about your work? I tell them, “I am making a television show about a plant called Cannabis that has wrongfully been accused of being a harmful drug.” I truly believe that. I am like most and not a 100% believer, and believe that it needs to be in moderation and should be used cautiously. I am not condoning my teenage daughters to go take bong rips with their friends, but I am saying that throughout my journey this last 6 months learning about this plant I would not call it a drug and I would not consider it a gateway to anything other than maybe a nap and a smile on their face.

I think a lot of people do not even understand cannabis at all. My mom was telling me how cool it was that I am studying cannabis and making a show about it she told me how she would inform all her friends, but I need to stay away from marijuana because that is for dead beats. I told my mom it was the same thing and she was shocked, she said I thought marijuana was the bud from the cannabis plant. It just goes to show you how misinformed and uneducated people can be about this plant . I can tell you if this show does anything I hope more so than entertainment or fun, it really does inform and educate people on this plant, because this plant is amazing.

I have heard the stories first hand from people that cannot imagine life without it in their life. These are not drug addicts, these are not dead beats, they are normal professional moms and dads like myself. They have learned that cannabis has helped them with anxiety, eating disorders, sleeping problems and the list goes on and on. Am I a Cannabis user? No, I am not. I used to smoke like most people my age back in the High School and College years in the roaring mid 90’s, but I have not really touched it since and I am not ever touch it; however, it is not because I am afraid I am going to become a stoner, it is simply because I do not have the desire yet. I want to make this journey be as organic as possible. I want to learn about it from top to bottom. I want to know the neurologic effects, I want to know what it does to my body, my metabolism, etc.

To summarize this post, I am proud of the research and education this show will provide all parents and children out there and I hope we all learn about this plant and get an unbiased representation of the plant and the effects it has on us. Who knows maybe my kids and I will have a Bakeout together. The one thing I do hope is that they have this option wherever they are living in the United States. It is a tragedy we live in a nation that would prevent our rights to choose to have this plant mother earth has left us.

Being a Parent and Being Involved in the Cannabis Space


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