Stoners need to stop acting like stoners.  Period.

Aside from managing BakeOut’s social media, I also manage a couple large cannabis themed Facebook pages.  And have direct relationships with some of the largest cannabis social media influencers in the world.

That said, I spend a lot of time sourcing, curating and creating cannabis themed content for my clients.  And I have to sift through a lot of garbage to find some gold.

Unfortunately, the advertised use of cannabis, this past century, has been stigmatized as a bad joke with its practice highlighted by “dope heads”.  Even more unfortunate, these stereotypical stoners really aren’t doing anything to further the cause to end prohibition.In essence, they are aiding in prohibition.  Arming naysayers with the clichéd propaganda they need to keep minds closed where they could be opened.

Prohibitionists leverage these stoner brands and neglect to acknowledge brilliant minds like Steve Jobs and Carl Sagan who were avid users of the medicine.

These are the people we need to embrace the culture.  To speak out against “the man”.  

The creatives, the professionals, and the intellectuals are the movers and shakers who can actually make a positive difference in abolishing prohibition.

Outside of fabricated statements and stereotypes, these anti-cannabis activists have no true foothold for sake of better augment.  And as science and research progresses, cannabis seems to virtually have only virtues – for both recreational and medicinal uses.

And yes, a lot of non-idealistic candidates do use cannabis.  But it doesn’t necessarily mean that all users of cannabis need to fall within a stoner stereotype.  Or are criminals.

As more voters are leaning towards allowance of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, we need to open the eyes to the naysayers who had these stoner brands embedded in the back of their skulls.

It is time to make positive change. It is time to give Mary Jane a new wardrobe.   This comes from not acting like the droopy-eyed, brain-dead buffoons taking dabs in their mother’s basement.  

Stand up for your rights. Understand the law.  Know the facts.  And carry yourself as a proud member of the cannabis community.

Dan Raff – Social Media


Legendary athlete turned Cannabis advocate Frank Shamrock lands the perfect punch to his opponent. Focus, determination + Cannabis.

Why Stoners Need To Stop Acting Like Stoners


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