The BakeOut television show has spawned a digital education network for medical cannabis.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?”

Today, that’s me……. 100% to the T.


I have worked in entertainment for over 20 years: in films, television, as an actor, sports broadcaster and now, as a TV show host.  I can truly say that each-and-every television show is unique, and comes to life in different ways.


Most TV shows never get past the development stage or off the notepads. Some, have scripts written that give life to the authors words.


A small few even become a short pilot, and shown to television networks, studios, or investors.


The BakeOut television show began like so many others before it…We had a great idea for TV, there was a serious need for cannabis education and we had a talented team of entertainers on stand-by.


So, we had a ton of meetings. We hired an Emmy Winning production crew, wrote a script (thanks, James), launched a website (Kudo’s, Matt) to air it all, and went all in for in cannabis education.


The BakeOut™ debuted January 25th on www.bakeout.TV and as soon as it hit the airwaves; everything changed.


Firstly, the show was very well received, referred by many as the “ESPN of Weed.” No one had dared to shoot a network quality talk show about medical cannabis while the government administration was in flux.


More compliments followed and more accolades were tossed our way about the show – all while cannabis magazine cover shoots were scheduled.The media loved what we were doing! Everyone wanted MORE: more shows, more content, more information!


People wanted The BakeOut often and all the time.


So, we organized more production shoots, raised even more monies, and checked in with our fans to see what they wanted on the next BakeOut show.


When we did – something miraculous happened:


Our fans and patients began to share with us, THEIR information, how THEY prepare THEIR personal medicines, and THEIR own journey in cannabis.


Our patients and fans were very clear, “We love The BakeOut and we want more shows, but we also need this cannabis info NOW, we need all of it, from everyone. Please get us all information available.” As you can imagine, this kind of direct feedback ignited our passions and efforts.


Unsure how to proceed, we went back to the drawing board.


Our answer came the following day in a Facebook message from a 72-year-old cannabis patient, who shared the following advice: “Love and medicines always should be free, no one cares what they look like – they just need them.”


Her words floored us, every script and every show idea we thought up immediately went out the window.


We realized this cannabis community knows more than we will ever know about this plant. THEY have the information and have been using this plant as a personal medicine with THEIR families and friends for generations.


To support them: we decided to create a community network for people to share this information – a network for the people, created for the people, to share THEIR medicines about cannabis.


This idea was confirmed with each patient that reached out to us, they all wanted the same thing, How can we get more information to more patients using this medicine?


That is how our TV show, The BakeOut, transformed BakeOut.TV into a digital network for cannabis education and information.


Bakeout.TV is a community network for cannabis education and information, broadcasting the latest in cannabis derived medicine, preparation, and agriculture. BakeOut.TV is the new home for cannabis medicine.


We want YOUR TV show ideas, documentaries, film ideas, YOUR cannabis medicines, and YOUR personal stories for our network.

Got show ideas?


Email to submit shows, documentaries, films, educational concepts, or other cool projects for the new cannabis network. This your network what do you want to see?


Keep an eye out for The BakeOut, we are currently negotiating with multiple networks to air the cannabis educational series and have more guests, fun quests, and cannabis adventures.


Yeah, that just happened.



TV Show Launches Cannabis Medicine Network


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